Shane Kelly has always been interested in photography. Using a professional high resolution digital SLR camera, I specialize in outdoor portraiture utilizing natural light. I know that clients are most relaxed in their own environment, and that relaxed feeling is what I want my artwork to express. I can provide suggestions for various local locations or we can meet at a favorite location that you prefer.

My photography style is a combination of photojournalistic (capturing candid moments as they occur) and traditional photography (formal poses). From my experience, many clients prefer a combination of candid photographs and formal poses. One benefit of photojournalistic photography is that I capture the moments as they happen and there is no orchestrating or control from the photographer. Other advantages of photojournalism photography are natural looking and relaxed photographs, low stress, and real memories of real life moments. I'm comfortable with both photojournalistic and traditional photography styles and can work with you on capturing the style or combination of styles that is right for you.

I would like to share a short story about one of my clients that helps illustrate why I enjoy being a photographer. One of my clients was interested in surprising her husband with a large framed photograph of their two young children for Father's Day. She requested that I print out one special photograph that I took of their two children. After she gave the gift to her husband, she told me they were so moved by the photograph, they both cried tears of joy. This is the ultimate compliment that a photographer and artist could ever ask for.

Creating truly memorable photographs that invoke strong emotions is my goal every time I focus my lens. Capturing timeless moments, personalities, and unique candid expressions is what I really enjoy doing.

- Shane Kelly -

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